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Fence Policy

At the September 13, 2022, Board Meeting, the Directors approved the Silver Shekel Fence Policy. Click to see the Policy and the Board Resolution adopting it.

This policy addresses a long-standing issue in our neighborhood. We believe it strikes a balance between our Covenants, the desire to allow unimpeded wildlife movement and the Silver Shekel neighborhood character with the needs for small fenced areas for pets and other purposes.

If you are considering adding a fence for a pet enclosure or any other purpose, please review the policy and contact the Board requesting approval. Provide the details about the proposed fence: its purpose, where it would be located on your property, size and construction materials in an email message to the Board.

Also, if you have a fence that no longer serves its original purpose and is not needed or in disrepair, we encourage you to have it removed. Thank you.

Please contact us by email with any questions or if you have a fence that should have been on the grandfathered list.

By-Law Changes

At the 2022 Annual Meeting, the Members approved a change to our By-Laws to allow a 20% quorum for Member meetings, instead of the 50% that was required previously. There was a quorum at the meeting, either in person or by proxy, of 110 members (57%), and the vote to adopt the new quorum requirement received 98 out of 103 (95%) votes cast, more than the required 67%.

In addition, at the April 14, 2022, Board of Directors meeting the Directors voted to make additional changes to the By-Laws as follows:

• Article II: (Membership): Removed “Condominium” reference.
• Article III: (Membership Meetings): Notice period changed to between 10 and 50 days and by email per CCIOA.
• Article III: (Membership Meetings Voting): Changed such that Proxies must be dated not more than 50 days prior to meetings per Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA).
• Article IV (Election of Directors): Added “in good standing” to Director qualifications; moved Directors term of office to Election section below.
• Article IV (Elections of Directors): Added a way to stagger the terms of office.
• Article IV: (Meetings): Fixed typo and added the capability to use electronic meetings, Zoom, for example.
• Article IV: (Informal Action by Directors): Added a way to take Board decisions without a meeting with less than unanimous response and consent consistent with the Colorado Nonprofit Corporations Act.
• Article VI (Assessments): Fixed a typo and added email notification.

The Board is allowed by Colorado law to make changes such as these to the By-laws. Quorum changes, however, require a vote of the Members.

These changes, and the change to the quorum requirement are reflected in our new Amended By-Laws..

Annual Meeting and BBQ

Each summer the Association holds it Annual Meeting and BBQ for all members. A short meeting to elect directors and conduct other business is followed by a catered barbeque.
This year the meeting will be on Saturday July 8, 2023, at 4:00 pm at 481 Fairview Blvd.

We will be sending information about the meeting, including proxy forms, in June. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please contact us.

Clean-Up Day

Clean-Up Day 2023 is Saturday Morning July 8th.
Again this year we will have three dumpsters for use by our residents. They will be placed on the roadside in each of the filings: near 342 Fairview Blvd., near 502 Shekel Lane and near 121 Silver Circle. The Fairview dumpster will be placed around 8:00 am, and the other two immediately following. Dumpsters will be removed in the same order starting at noon.

The dumpsters can be used to discard anything that can be placed into the Summit County landfill. No hazardous waste (such as tires, batteries, paint, petroleum products) or electronics (TVs, computers, printers, scanners, etc.) will be allowed in any of the dumpsters.

The County will recycle electronics and household hazardous waste and electronics at no charge for County residents at the Summit County Resource Allocation Park (SCRAP) site near Keystone. Click here for hours, directions and more info.

If you have normal recyclables, please take them to the Summit County Recycling drop-off on Coyne Valley Road or at County Commons in Frisco.

Tree trimmings and other slash will be allowed in the dumpsters after 11:00 am.
The dumpster on Shekel Lane will accept large appliances, except refrigeration units. Refrigeration units must either be (1) hauled to the Summit County landfill after having the coolant professionally drained, or (2) removed by Xcel Energy. Xcel will haul off working units and even give you a rebate (click here for details)!

Please take the opportunity to police the right-of-way next to the road along your property and clean up debris that may have accumulated over the winter.

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