Noxious and Invasive Weeds

The beautiful mountain wildflowers that grace our mountain meadows, trails and roadsides are one of the many reasons we enjoy living in Summit County, Unfortunately, some of these beauties are considered invasive and/or noxious weeds by the State and Summit County and we have some of them right here in Silver Shekel.

The large expanses of white daisies we see around the neighborhood are most likely invasive False Chamomile or Oxeye Daisies. Common Tansy and Butter and Eggs are also found here as well as Musk Thistle. Click on the images below for more photos and info. Click here for a complete list and descriptions.

The Silver Shekel Owners Association urges all owners and residents to take the time to get rid of these plants that are on your properties, and do it before they go to seed. The best way is by pulling or digging, bagging and disposing of them in the trash.
If that is not practical, the County provides help in getting rid of these weeds with a sprayer rental program.


False Chamomile


Oxeye Daisy


Musk Thistle


Common Tansy

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Butter and Eggs

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